Lorelei loves crawling into mommy and daddy's bed at all times of the day to chill!

Playing keep away from Edie, the schnauzer.

Little tattoo artist RUNNING around on our bed!

She loves her "puh-puh".

Darling, as always.

Washing her little hands in the Washington rain.

Kissing "Ee-ee".

Midweek Music P.2: Lennon & Maisy Stella

My hubby found these adorable, amazingly talented gals on reddit today, and I know this video is about to go viral, so I'm putting it on here asap! The beauty of these sisters singing sugary sweet music together makes me doubt my decision to keep Lorelei an only child. For me it spurred, in the terms of many other ladies "baby cravings" or "made my uterus hurt". Too much goodness for one day. Enjoy the Stella sisters.


Midweek Music P.1: Death Cab for Cutie "Stay Young Go Dancing"

I've considered Death Cab for Cutie my very favorite band since I first heard them 7 years ago. This song, and this video are too sweet and cute not to share!


Homemade "Graham Crackers"

Yesterday I set out to make some homemade "graham cracker" cookies, since we're no longer buying Lorelei prepackaged snacks. Unfortunately I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures during the baking process, but I snapped a few pictures of the finished product. 

They are pretty yummy, but don't expect them to be anything like prepackaged graham crackers! 

Recipe from Chocolate & Carrots



A little over a week ago I posted on facebook that I was pining for a certain something from etsy, and my father-in-law spotted it. I'm not really accustomed to getting gifts, so I teared up when I found out that he ordered it for me. The thing is, I long ago found a set of Beauty Ware canisters (minus the sugar container) for a dollar and picked it up to save for when I had my own place. I had no idea there was other cool stuff that matched them, like this stunner of a bread box I now own!

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