This is the short story, if you're into more details I encourage you to read around!

I am Mae. An early 20-something wife to one absolutely charming guy named David. We met in June 2009 in Idaho and were instantly in love. Our love story has been on the fast track since day one. We married in May 2010. That same month we unexpectedly made a hilarious, beautiful, witty, and all around extraordinary baby, Lorelei Ruby. She was born in February 2011, while David was across the country trying to make training work in the Army.

Fast forward to 2013, where we are living near Seattle, in a one bedroom apartment, dreaming about our future, drinking good coffee, living a vegan lifestyle, listening to lots of music, taking some pictures, adventuring in the beautiful PNW, and falling more in love with our life all the time. Our brood also includes a Miniature Schnauzer, Edith, and a calico cat, Roxy.

Here I talk about whatever I want. I am a candid person, what you see and read here is our real life. Sometimes you'll see things that inspire me or move my soul. Others you might find a recipe you want to try. And then of course you'll love Lorelei, everyone does.

I hope you'll stay a while, with a latte maybe!

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