Things on a Thursday

Photo from my family's visit in March. 4 generations of women.

Thing #1- I'm really, beyond excited to go to this PNW blogger meetup at the end of April. It's doing a little to inspire me to write more posts and network better/more.

Thing #2- Did you hear about the president signing an act protecting Monsanto? If you don't know about Monsanto and the fight against GMO's in our food I cannot recommend more highly that you educate/arm yourself against the ugliness being induced upon us. I don't know about you, but I don't want a company who deals in chemicals having their foot on every farm growing the food that I eat and feed my child.

Thing #3- I haven't mentioned lately that I am STILL no 'pooing and I'm still really loving it. After 3 months my ends and scalp are a bit drier than I care for, but I think with all the rain and weather warming up that should get better. I'm currently looking for natural/homemade hair masks that won't mess with my progress on naturally regulating my oil production. I'm looking into getting some oils and such from Mountain Rose Herbs to try my hand at more homemade beauty solutions.

Thing #4- This is a little superficial and materialistc, but it's a big deal! I found a perfect bathing suit...and I haven't been keen on wearing one since Lorelei was born. This one can be custom made to your measurements which is great because not very many women have a waist that is exactly 10 inches smaller than their hips. Also, the high rise bottom will hide the stretch marks I like to keep under wraps and there's no risk of a visible c-section scar...Woot!

Thing #5- I really missed blogging the past few weeks...

What are some things you're up to/thinking about/wanting/loving?


Now We Hurry On

Hello friends! It has been a while. Things got busy in our parts for a while. Back on the 8th my mom, dad, and baby sister (I say baby and she's 17) came over from Idaho for a visit and to go to my cousin's wedding. They were here for two and a half days and 3 nights that were packed full of catching up, shopping, and trying to decide what to do in Seattle, just like every short visit they pay us.

The week following their departure I tried my hand at caring for miss Lorelei along with someone else's five month old boy. It was a good learning experience that played a vital part in this new growing and changing season I'm going through at the moment (this will have to span it's entirely own post). You see, I had a bad case of baby fever from the time Lorelei was about 3 months old until, well, when I had two youngins in my care. I want to be completely honest and say that I was 110% overwhelmed with the situation. Trying to get started on potty training and weaning, and managing to get anything done (including blog) was nigh impossible! The lesson I learned is that I am 110% happy with my one, darling little girl. I also learned something about her (I already had thought so, but it was confirmed) and that is that she is very nurturing, loving, and not at all an introvert like me. So since we don't plan on giving her a sibling, we're really looking into getting her into the right pre-school and out of home activities. I was waiting on the activities (like BALLET!!!) until she was potty trained, and we tackled that this past week. Last Monday she decided she wanted to wear big girl panties, so I jumped on board and we tried it. She missed and piddled herself 9 times that first day, but since then has had dry diapers every night and only 3 accidents total! In 9 days... She's totally a big girl now, excuse me as I go bawl my eyes out...

I just LOVE seeing the little lady she is becoming.


Spring Fever

It's hitting hard. We've had a few wonderfully sunny and not too chilly days here in the Seattle area, and all of the stores are decked out with Easter goods and Spring fashion. I love Spring. I feel like Ruche's spring lookbook video does such a good job showing the essence of the season, so I decided to share it here, along with my favorite pieces from it. :) The models sweet 40's hair styles totally sweeten the deal!

These outfits with their swingy, high waisted, ladylike cuts (1 & 2) with ultra feminine blouses (1 & 2), have me wanting to play a game of croquet or bocce ball myself.

This dress, with it's vintage looking Hawaiian print, easy silhoutte, and collar make it the ultimate throw-on-and-look-fabulous-without-any-accessories spring/summer dress. And her hair... don't get me started!


Drum Roll Please...

Here is our first little, fun, semi' instructional video. I'm sure there will be more in the future as we had a lot of fun doing it, and still have a lot to learn. I'm so proud of my hubby for some of the awesome shots he got filming, pretty hip editing, and sweet music choice. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

A Chemex Brew Guide from Photography by David L Clark on Vimeo.

Moments With Mama Nature: Hands, green, bare.

Tiny handses, capable of much destruction...
She informed me later that, "I eat it, polish."
The time it takes to go from this....
.....to this.
Chatty Cathy
And we're crying because mom asked us to sit on the stool and smile. 
Lately I've been calling her "tiny woman", easy to see why, huh?
"What's that?" "Leaves." "Leaves is green."
Happy to share her leaves.
Shades of Grey
Around here, everything is green. :) 
Sometimes the baby is still somewhere in this face.
Full size pony tails...
The look of wonder. 
This tree is bare, for now. 

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