Things on a Thursday

Photo from my family's visit in March. 4 generations of women.

Thing #1- I'm really, beyond excited to go to this PNW blogger meetup at the end of April. It's doing a little to inspire me to write more posts and network better/more.

Thing #2- Did you hear about the president signing an act protecting Monsanto? If you don't know about Monsanto and the fight against GMO's in our food I cannot recommend more highly that you educate/arm yourself against the ugliness being induced upon us. I don't know about you, but I don't want a company who deals in chemicals having their foot on every farm growing the food that I eat and feed my child.

Thing #3- I haven't mentioned lately that I am STILL no 'pooing and I'm still really loving it. After 3 months my ends and scalp are a bit drier than I care for, but I think with all the rain and weather warming up that should get better. I'm currently looking for natural/homemade hair masks that won't mess with my progress on naturally regulating my oil production. I'm looking into getting some oils and such from Mountain Rose Herbs to try my hand at more homemade beauty solutions.

Thing #4- This is a little superficial and materialistc, but it's a big deal! I found a perfect bathing suit...and I haven't been keen on wearing one since Lorelei was born. This one can be custom made to your measurements which is great because not very many women have a waist that is exactly 10 inches smaller than their hips. Also, the high rise bottom will hide the stretch marks I like to keep under wraps and there's no risk of a visible c-section scar...Woot!

Thing #5- I really missed blogging the past few weeks...

What are some things you're up to/thinking about/wanting/loving?
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