Currently: Grunge/90's Nostalgia Edition

Loving everything with early 90's nostalgia. Grunge fashion. Bohemian revival. Messy hair. No makeup. Incense. Grandpa sweaters. Plaid. Dr. Martens. Band tees. Kurt Cobain. Black. Vegetarian cuisine (I tried my first vegetarian food in like, '95 at the neighbor's). Hoodies. Street musicians. Facial Piercings. Twin Peaks (hello, weird show filmed in my hometown. I'm making my husband watch all the episodes with me right now). Real cartoons. Head banging. Stretch pants (we call them leggings now). Memories.

One place I like to get my fix of 90's-esque fashion is Free People. I would totally be rocking the 4 pieces below if it was in the budget. If you're up for some grunge music "Molly's Lips" ala Nirvana is below the collage. My dad's old band used to play it for me when I had to go to band practice. Yeah, I grew up near Seattle, in the 90's, with a musician dad. Pretty cool, right?

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