Every Little Thing She Does

Life has been busy lately, mostly good busy, but I am sad that it has kept me from posting here. Today I'm going to make it all about my Lorelei. The girl is changing SO MUCH, and doing SO MUCH I can hardly keep up with her. She'll be 17 months in two days, and I have no idea where the tiny swaddled 8.5 pound baby I delivered went!

Lorelei being 17 months means that it's been that long (plus the last few months of pregnancy) that I've slept a whole stretch of more than 5 hours. My child still won't sleep longer than that at once. It's taxing. Other than that she's such a joy all the time. Her favorite things to do currently are coloring with crayons, mostly on the desk and other surfaces, climbing everything (dining table, nightstands, chairs, toilet, etc.), arranging like objects in lines, playing salon with my nail polishes, having her toenails painted, taking all of her shoes out of the closet, rough housing on the bed, working on bikes with Daddy, dancing like a ballerina on her little toes with her arms over her head, making hilarious faces in the mirror, sticking her head under the faucet to drink and play in water, tucking all of her stuffed animals in under blankets, also kissing them A LOT, pulling all of Mommy's mixing bowls and storage containers out of the cupboard and scattering them about, harassing Edith, trying to make friends with Roxy, and watching "Tutube".

Her vocabulary is developing and she surprises us with new words and exclamations almost daily. Yesterday she came running to me with one of her blocks and in a deep voice she shouted enthusiastically "Yeyo". It was indeed yellow. Her word list includes: mommy, daddy, cheese, pretty, ball, "tutube" (youtube), sit (said to the dog while waving her leash around), "bah" (bath), "cafcaf" (coffee), "tetu" (thank you), "garby" (said when she wants to throw away or recycle something), cute, cookie, baby, "zuk a ti" (look at this), wow, hot, nigh nigh, bye bye, hi, "side" (outside), "popca"(popcorn),  kitty, puppy, birdie, uh oh, no, done, down, "bickie" (book), toes, "mou" (mouth), and nose. She can point out the locations of: her mouth, nose, eyes, chin, hair, ear, neck, belly button, fingers, knees, and toes. Her favorite letters are "A", "E", "O", probably because they are fun to say. She's very sweet, and showers us with hugs and kisses all the time. She's taken interest in sitting on the toilet occasionally, never with any product, but I'm pretty tickled that she's interested.

It's insane to think of how fast they go from tiny, reliant babes to crazy, independent kids. It really is just a blink away. There's a happiness and sadness to it. I am so glad to be able to stay home with her and experience it all.

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