Our Week in Food

This past week we have been seriously considering giving up the dairy and eggs in our vegetarian diet and go completely vegan. I had been skeptical before I started experimenting with vegan recipes, but it turns out that they are delicious. My breads don't miss butter. I can have espresso from our newly acquired machine (via trading a camera body we couldn't afford a lense for) with soy milk. "Nooch", as strange as it sounds is super yummy. I also know that a vegan diet will probably serve me well health wise. And then, we watched "Earthlings" a documentary about the mistreatment of animals. How they are raised, how they are slaughtered, how as humans we don't generally care, and I was sick over it. So, we have a few sticks of butter left in our fridge and a block of cheese to finish off, but we aren't buying any more animal products for consumption. Yesterday we took a trip to the library and grabbed several good vegan nutrition/recipe books. I've spent so much time in the kitchen this week my feet and back hurt (not complaining, I LOVE it!). Some of the things I've made were non-vegan like graham crackers and breadsticks, but I'm only showing off the animal friendly food I've made. Flying our vegan flag I guess! Oh, and I hope you can forgive my bad food photography skills. I'll own up to them. ;)

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