Autumn Walk

This past weekend was pretty low key for us. We managed to spend almost an entire day at home and it was much needed. On the day home we started some packing because we're moving into a different apartment on the 9th. I know, that seems a bit early to start packing, but we're really excited and just want to move in now.  The new apartment is in the building that my husband works in, is about 60 square feet bigger, and though it's still a one bedroom our little lady will have her own area for her crib and toys separate from our living area. It's also about $25 a month cheaper than our current apartment, and it's back door opens to a shared courtyard instead of a tiny third floor balcony. Hopefully we're as happy with it as we think we will be. I'm already mentally arranging our furniture and decorating it. 

The one day that we got out of the house we decided to take advantage of the lull in the good 'ol PNW rain and take Lorelei to the park. Every other park trip has been uneventful, or even not good with her. She had never really shown any interest in the playground equipment, especially NOT the swings. It was also hard to enjoy a park with her when all she wanted to do was run away. This visit was different and so good! She walked with us and never really tried to stray. She held our hands. And most excitingly she climbed all over the playground, therefore so did we. Having a kid is the best excuse to play. Her favorite slide was the fastest one, also the wetest. We all went down it several times. :) Then she played on the swings and surprisingly loved that too. We pushed her higher and faster and she squealed and kicked her little legs. It was so bittersweet seeing the metamorphosis from tiny baby who needed help with everything, to little kid, completely independent and self-sufficient. 

After the playground we made friends with some ducks who obviously spend a lot of time around humans. Then we crunched through leaves and piled up some to throw Lorelei in. She loved that too. :)

This week will be busy. I have a ton of food preparation and cleaning to do before a super eventful weekend. Hopefully I'll have a chance to blog, but if not, oh well. Hope you had a lovely Autumn weekend!

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