On My Mind...Bistros, Cafe's, and Bars

It occurred to me today that I haven't shared one of my biggest dreams and greatest passions here, and that seems silly since this blog is about my life. Since I was a sophomore in high school I have dreamt of having a job in the coffee industry. At first I would have been happy to just be a barista. After I worked as a barista in my first job, unlocking and channeling some creativity I thought, no I want to be the entrepreneurial mind behind a successful and pride earning cafe. As my passions and talents became more clear I knew that my vision was growing. It would have to be more than a place to get coffee. I would have to share my edible concoctions as well. It would have to be a place of inspiration, of relaxation, and beauty, with service and product to match. Here and now it stands to be a bistro boasting an all vegan menu. A haven where someone looking for a place to be whatever they need it to be, and where they can come and order anything from the menu not worrying or asking if it is vegan friendly. A place for artists, activists, friends, families, anyone really, to enjoy. That is my dream. 

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen my board, My "Someday" Business Venture, where I pin inspiration for my shop. And if you don't take a look at a few of my favorite pins right here!

Sources clockwise from top left: 1.Unknown. 2.Photo source unknown, art by Kelli Murray. 3.Eater. 4.Tumblr.
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