The Grocery Bill

Since Thursdays are our grocery shopping day and I'm already sitting here making this week's list I figured I would share our grocery budget. You see, I'm kind of proud of it. This version is revision number 5 or 6 since we got married. Several revisions were based on the amount of money we had for food, then on changing to a vegetarian diet, and now vegan. David and I pride ourselves on not ever having discrepancies over money because we have very detailed budgets for all of our income that we've decided on together. Sure it's tight sometimes, but we don't let it freak us out. Our bills always get paid, and we have everything we need.

It doesn't seem like a lot of food, but we always end up with enough to eat 3 (sometimes very weird and *ahem* "creative") meals every day. Bountiful Baskets has been great for us because we end up with extra produce at the end of most weeks instead of running out 2 day before grocery shopping day comes around. We can't wait to pay of our car in February so we can afford the organic basket. Anyways, there's a little peek into our food and finances. I'm sure it won't be the last. :)
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