Just Checking In Here

So, it's been too long since I posted, obviously. In my defense, I have been a busy woman what with moving (mostly on my own and with a toddler in tow) and cooking and cleaning and such. Things are slowing down now and I'm hoping to be much more present here with pictures of the new place (most likely in disarray), recipes, and maybe (no promises) some little projects I want to do with decor for our new apartment and the holidays. It already feels a lot more like home here than our last apartment ever did. We're very excited about our first solo and also first vegan Thanksgiving. Lorelei is adjusting very well, which is no surprise. She's a very adaptable little thing (like daddy). Right now I'm supposed to be cleaning the kitchen which always seems to be a mess, and also cleaning out some old 5 gallon paint buckets that we're turning into planters for our courtyard garden this spring. Since that doesn't leave me time to upload and edit pictures (most of which are on my Instagram feed @maelivefree anyways) I'm going to leave you with this sweet video that the Clarkcakes are really digging right now. :) Happy Sunday.

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