So This is the New Year, Life With LeiLei 1/52

Here I am, finally getting around to the first post of the new year. I thought a lot about what I would say regarding resolutions, goals, a fresh start, yadda yadda, but I guess I wasn't really feeling it. I have a long, revised but not finished, list of goals for 2013 but I'm not ready to share it because I don't feel particularly committed.

I started out the year with a cold, quick moving and not too horrible, but now I've got some sort of stomach bug too. Good excuses for my lack of motivation. There is also this inner struggle going on over projects I thought I'd be getting to like getting the last two boxes in the apartment unpacked, and hanging things on the bare walls. The problem is that we very well may be moving, again. I should be used to this by now, as I've lost track of how many moves I've made in my life. The number is greater than my near 23 years of age.

This move would be great. It would be due to a position and location change in the company for David, a much bigger apartment for less money, a pay raise, and being in Tacoma, where we thought we might like to move a few months ago. The only problem I have with it is that I am so, so sick of packing up my entire life and taking it somewhere else again. I've never in my life had the luxury of feeling settled, or like a place was home. Part of me never lets my self get to comfortable for fear of being uprooted. Hopefully that will change sometime within the next 5-10 years, after we start our business.

One thing I did decide to commit to for the new year is a photo challenge. At first I thought I'd do a 365, but who am I kidding, that fizzled out by the 2nd. Then I decided a 52 week challenge would be good for me, as I only have to commit to once a week. I've seen a few other bloggers doing it this way and I'm feeling good about it. The reason I want to do a photo challenge is that I have absolutely no skill or knowledge of photography. I had been using Auto mode for everything and wasn't pleased with my images, so I had my husband give me a quick lesson on manual focus, shutter speed, aperture, lighting, etcetera... And I got to shooting. My theme is Life with Lorelei. This may mean pictures of her, or pictures that could be from her point of view. Some weeks I may do just one image, and others a set of images. Should be fun. :)
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