What Am I Gonna Do With Her?! Life With LeiLei 4/52

I set out to snap a cute picture today, and got more than I bargained for! Lorelei didn't want to hold still at all (as per the norm lately). We're only 5 days away from 2 now, and it's more apparent every stinking day. She came up to me the other day, and I had put on a dress and tights (more thought put into my clothes than usual), and she came up, grabbed the hem of my dress and said, "You be-ootiful." Talk about being a puddle on the floor. The same day David was buckling her into her carseat and I was making silly faces at her in front of the windshield and I could hear her inside the car saying, "Mommy's craazy!" When I got in I asked her what she had said and she replied, "You a crazy baby," something I've been telling her forever. She has us looking at each other in disbelief, or trying to see who loses it first and laughs at her when she's bad a lot lately. We kind of suck at discipline because some of the bad things she does set us off in hysterics. She's constantly telling us we're "mean" or "rude. And she has a penchant for "Your face" jokes. I think it's inherited, my middle sister could never come up with anything better than "Your face" either... What a weird, awesome, smart, "Be-ootiful" girl we have. :)

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