MaeLiveFree is 1!!! And Midweek Music P.14 City Bear ft. Molly Clark "Nell"

A year ago today I published my first post here at MaeLiveFree. I was off to a rocky start and didn't have any idea what direction this blog would go, and to be quite honest I still have a million different ideas for things I'd like to post about here. More on that later... It was slow going at first, as in my parents, sisters, and grandparents were probably the only ones reading, but now I have some followers outside of that and I think you're all awesome!

I've decided that I would really like to focus on green and frugal living here on MaeLiveFree. I think that it's broad and encompassing enough for me to still blog about the things that I already do, and to inspire some new dialogue. Green and sustainable living are becoming increasingly important to me as I get older and see the consequences of my choices and the choices of the rest of our planets inhabitants. Since I already made my goal for this year to be greener, I've been working at it and have picked up on a few things that I'm excited to write more about later.

For now, thank you so much to everyone who has made MaeLiveFree a part of your life in the past year!

Here is a little bit of Midweek Music to dance in your ear drums:

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