It's Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off All Your Clothes

Not really... but let's talk about awkward, uncomfortable stuff.

Day 3: Things that make you uncomfortable.

Honestly, it's rare that I think about what makes me uncomfortable because I don't feel like there's a lot. It's in my nature (and my upbringing, my dad is a goon and my mom is just crazy *also I love you guys*) to not get embarrassed too easily, and I've been known to do ridiculous things for the sake of entertainment. I'm also an open book. I don't shy away from many topics of discussion. I will tell you just about anything you want to know about me because I like to share my life and experience for the sake of human connection and relatability. So I've been really picking my brain trying to think of instances where I felt uncomfortable. It seems that most of my discomfort in life comes from my own feelings and brain waves.

  • I feel uncomfortable when I think like someone is hinting at something without coming straight out with it. I feel this a lot, like if my husband says something like, "These dishes are clogging the sink," instead of taking it as a statement I think he's implying that I need to do something about it, stat. 
  • It makes me squirm when I'm out and about by myself. I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me. This is obviously in my head, because I know that people are way less concerned about what I look like or what I'm doing than they are with whatever they are doing (or at least they should be). I guess I'm uncomfortable in my own skin.
  • On the same lines as above, I get a little antsy when I can't read what someone is thinking. Especially in social situations. I'm in constant fear that maybe I'm imposing, maybe people aren't interested in what I have to say, maybe I'm making them uncomfortable, maybe I'm taking up too much of their time, maybe I'm just being weird and awkward ( I am weird and awkward, but if you are too then you wouldn't notice). 
  • Okay, so I'm just uncomfortable with most social situations. Introvert much?
What makes you uncomfortable?

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