Waterfall Veins and Silo Stories

Day 1: Write the story of my life in 250 words or less. 

I was born in a waterfall town, an aquarius, to a couple of young dreamers. He was a libra musician, she a scorpio caretaker. An excitable gemini and a pisces intuitae followed. We climbed trees, swam in the river, picked blackberries, got muddy, fought and loved fiercely. Dangerous pasts and heartache drove us to the country, 500 miles removed, nigh over 500 neighbors all of which you knew. The country was in the desert, dry, stifling, suppressing. But it was predestined. Imagination and hope  quenched thirsts. The waterfall flowed in my veins, pulsing in my heart, calling me. I locked my hopes up in silos to keep them safe, to make them last. Adolescence caused heartache, life learned fast. I saw my future, and a future saw me. A figure took up residence in my heart, and we molded each other separately, together. He delivered me from the desert. It was a shotgun, shoe-in marriage. We created something beautiful, wondrous, magnetic, draining. We named her the siren. The waterfall flows in her veins. We are the water bearers. Intellectual, unpredictable, determined, modern, curious, spiritual eccentric, prudent. We borrow sustenance from the soils of the earth and feel the vastness of the universe in our hands. I no longer keep my hopes in silos, I live.

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