The Freakin' Weekend

For us the weekend starts on Thursday night. Usually it just means that we stay up a little later and actually have time to watch a movie. This Thursday we went to a show at El Corazon in Seattle where my uncle was playing. Lorelei had so much fun dancing to the music and interacting with everyone who thought she was just too cute.

Though Friday and Saturday are David's days off he typically goes in to work for a few hours in the morning so that his work load isn't too much when he goes back on Sunday. I got kinda dressed up and tried to take some outfit pictures (laughable, really). After he got home Friday we ran some errands. Then we took Lorelei to a little park. She ran all over the place saying, "Weee, weee!" about all the other kids playing, but she hates the swings, and wasn't too thrilled about going down the slide either. We went to grab some beer (a very occasional treat for us) to go with dinner. I made vegetarian BBQ pizza. I'll post the recipe sometime, it's delicious! Then we watched a couple episodes of Mad Men, we're now on episode 7 of the entire series.

Saturday morning I planned on making donuts as David's Father's Day treat. It was poorly thought out and executed, so they weren't fabulous. Now I have the goal to perfect donut making (wish me luck). Advice, don't use olive oil for it, it's too dense. Also, make sure you have enough oil in your pan so that the donuts float in it instead of touching the bottom of the pan. Once we finished eating some tragic fail donuts we went and grabbed some iced Thai tea from Thai 65 in lieu of our normal coffee treats. It was perfect! We took our tea with us to Happy Delusions, an indie-made store in downtown Renton, where we grabbed some much needed incense. Seriously it's the best incense we've bought. There are 49 equally pleasant scents, the price is good (10/$1), and they burn longer than most. You can find them at Auric Blends.

With my donut failure on Saturday morning and lack of sleep all week I started the day in a bad mood. While David was at work Lorelei was in to everything and I was exhausted. I felt like the day was going to be horrible, and with my attitude it was a little worse than it should have been. I decided to take pictures of even the stressful stuff so I could look back at the end of the day and laugh at myself for being such a ninny. It worked. So here are some pictures of our week/weekend.

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