Getting Out Tonight!

We don't do a whole lot that doesn't consist of busy, busy, busy. Mostly on David's days off we grab coffee somewhere on one of the days, and run all of our accumulated errands that I don't feel comfortable doing alone in Renton with a toddler. It doesn't leave us much time to do anything really enjoyable. Tonight though, we're taking the wee one with us to an all ages show in Seattle so we can see my uncle Drew play. He's got such enviable talent. Seriously, the guy can pick up anything (instrument or not) and learn to make music with it, along with being a great lyricist and having very pleasant vocals. I had the pleasure of laying some harmonies for him on an album he is currently working on. I've always been a fan of his music (duh), but I am SO EXCITED for this album of his to come out. This is his first studio recorded work and he's got some great outsourced talent on there. I like to call his music Dark Folk, generally heavily acoustic, with sometimes sinister lyrics. He calls himself City Bear, and if you live in the Seattle area I highly recommend that you try to catch a show. Starting tonight maybe at El Corazon! Doors open at 7. I'd love to see a good crowd there. :) If you can't make it, join the Bear Army on Facebook!

Ashes Wednesday and Drew.

In true fashion.

Great Uncle City Bear, Polli Payne, and little baldy Lorelei.

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