The Future is Bright!

Looking back at all of my blog posts so far I've noticed that a lot of what I've posted lacks substance, voice, and a picture of who I am. One major reason for this is that I'm still on a long and sometimes grueling mission of self discovery. I am young, I like to think mature for my 22 years, but still young... I know what things about myself I'd like to cultivate, and things I'd like to change, yet still not a super clear vision of who and where I'll be in 10 years. Because of this lack of identity I have, my blog is suffering a little. I've been trying to figure out regular posts, design, and a general feel for it and it's a little bit of a battle. I know I want to have music, recipes, maybe a little bit of fashion, maybe some DIY, thrifting finds and of course better photography in this space. But most importantly I want my blog to be one that when someone stumbles across it, they read my words, about my life, and feel like they're my friend. That is what hooks me to a blog. I love when I can read one post, even if it is just for a recipe, and feel my heart swell a little bit. Yeah, I'm sappy, I love blogs, I love people, and I love the idea that people are willing to put themselves out there and share their lives with strangers on the internet.

One of the hardest things for me in writing intriguing posts is that a lot of the time I am down on myself and I don't feel that I have enough excitement in my life to share. I've struggled at times with not feeling just a little deprived as a stay at home mom. That sounds horrible, and I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that my hubby works hard so that I can be home with our sweet, funny girl, but I had always worked and paid for my own things before, and running a household isn't always easy. It's a job you have to give 100%, 24/7, and learn to recognize the little rewards and happiness of your family as payment. It's a struggle for me to get out of the house often enough for my own sanity because I see everything that I need to be getting done at home. Sometimes I have to remind myself, like right now, that there are so many women, and families who would see themselves so blessed to have my life!

Anyways, the future is looking bright! Lorelei is a constant source of happiness and entertainment for us. She's quite the little clothes-horse, picking her own outfits and shoes. Shoes is one of her very favorite words, also pretty! She's a great dancer, she adapts her moves for different types of music, and occasionally sings along too. Edith, our mini-schnauzer, actually plays with and cuddles her now, and I die every time they interact. They're a bit like siblings. :) G-Pa E-Club (my fathers self proclaimed grandpa title) would be proud to know that she drums everything with her hands now, with a look of pure joy on her face as she does.

My in-laws so graciously ordered us a baby gate to stop hindrances in my daily chores and I think Lorelei is starting to hate it less. They also sent a box full of much needed clothes for our growing girl and some money for other essentials. We got safety/childproofing stuff, a bedtime book, some floaties for the pool, more clothes, and will get her more things as she needs them. 

I was able to do a little DIY project of painting the ugly frames of my cork and chalk boards my favorite hue! Next will be painting the free bookshelf my hubby found for us. 

That hubby of mine went out and spoiled me rotten with surprises last week! I still can't believe it. One of our friends who does beautiful photography wants to do a vintage themed photo shoot with me soon, and I didn't have any vintage clothes. I spent hours on etsy, and checked the local thrift stores for 40's or 50's style dresses, I only found one I really loved. I was all torn up when I saw it had sold, unbeknownst to me to my husband! He's the only person ever to pull off surprising me. :) It had a note with it reading: A lovely dress for the loveliest woman. I immediately tried it on only to have it not zip up. Lucky I saw the beauty in that! Not only did David buy me the dress I wanted, along with it he got me motivation to get up in the morning and hit the gym. I thought it was enough that he got me the dress and then he went and got me a hat and shoes to go with it because, "You need to have a whole outfit". Wait, there's more! A couple weeks ago we found a vintage, probably mid 60's Waring hand mixer at a thrift store, unopened, for $19. We thought about it for a while and he decided to pick that up too! It's such a pretty 60's yellow color. The reason this is such a huge deal is that we don't have much. We have itemized budgets for every little expense and don't spend outside of them. It's rare that we have anything left after bills, groceries, and diapers, but somehow last month we did, and my selfless, loving husband chose to shower me with gifts. Let's just say I about cried over all of them.

I also had a great victory in the kitchen this past week making from scratch alfredo sauce. I didn't follow any recipe, and it was divine! I'll post the recipe and pictures once I make it again. I'm so excited to share it.

Hope the future is looking bright for you too! 


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