22 Before 23

I've seen lots of these # before # goal lists on blogs lately (okay so some are pretty old, and I'm just now seeing them), and since I'll be 23 in about 6 1/2 months with lots I'd love to accomplish before then, I'm throwing one together. In the past I've spent lots of time making lists, it's something I do, I love it, and I'm the kind of person who really needs them. I forget EVERYTHING. Also I feel like writing things down makes me more accountable. So does putting them on the internet so that other people can see what you are trying to accomplish. Without further babbling...

1. Establish a daily routine, with room for spontaneity, but still structured.
2. Work on creative prototypes for a future etsy shop.
3. See at least 2 live music performances.
4. Refurbish the antique dresser that I've been meaning to do for 7 years...
5. Do yoga every single day, and keep track.
6. Post at least 3-4 entries on the blog every week.
7. Don't chop my hair off (something I tend to do as soon as it starts getting long).
8. Lose the last 25 pounds of baby weight I'm still harboring.
9. Start snail mail correspondance with my out of state family.
10. Improve my (non-existant) photography skills.
11. Keep an indoor plant alive (for six months, and it will be a struggle. I have a brown thumb.)
12. Buy some produce and/or flowers from Pike Place.
13. Get a sewing machine and learn to sew.
14. Wean Lorelei.
15. Take up learning French via Rosetta Stone.
16. Switch over all of my beauty products to more natural, conscious ones.
17. Produce less non recyclable waste.
18. Find a good church to go to.
19. Spend time outside everyday.
20. Get my enhanced Washington Driver's license.
21. Learn at least one song on my dusty guitars.
22. Get 100 followers on the blog.

So that's my list. I thought it was a good excuse to post some goals that aren't some kind of hokey New Year's resolutions. Those never pan out for me. Do you have any goals to reach before your next birthday? I'd love to see your lists if you leave me a link in my comments!
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