Midweek Music P.8: "Nell" City Bear

If you've visited the blog before you may have heard about City Bear already. City Bear is the solo/collaborative music project of my uncle, Drew, who was previously the lead singer/songwriter for the band Church for Sinners. His music has a dark, folky vibe, and he compares himself to artists like Elliot Smith and Matt Pryor. I was really hoping that his first studio album would be out now, but it will be better for not being rushed. I'll be posting more about it as its release date becomes known. The song I'm posting on here today is special. "Nell" is a bittersweet goodbye sort of song, that he dedicated to his aunt (my great aunt) who passed a little over a year ago. It's also the song I recorded some harmonies for on the album. This is the demo version, just Drew and his guitar. Hope you enjoy it!

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