Fancy Feast

This last weekend (which goes Thursday night to Saturday night for us kids) David's parents paid us a visit from Boise. Their trip was short, and included lots of food. Grocery shopping Friday morning spanning three cities to go to WinCo, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods. Friday afternoon was intended to be dedicated to Pike Place, but the place was PACKED! No parking to be found anywhere downtown. Instead we headed up Madison Ave. to hang out near the restaurant we'd be having dinner at. That brought us to the Arboretum and Japanese Garden. The heat and old timers kept the walk in the Arboretum short, and the garden's entrance fees were out of our range for this particular trip. We waited and played near a few picnic tables in a grassy area until Nishino opened at 5:30. 

Sushi is kind of a big deal when you're part of the Clark family. I'm pretty certain my father-in-law tried it the first time in the 70's and never went back. The first date that David and I ever went on was to the sushi restaurant his family frequents. It was my first time trying sushi, and I've been told if I hadn't liked it, it would have been a deal breaker. So, naturally, coming to Seattle (fresh fish abound) it only made sense to find a great sushi restaurant and make a night of it. 

We all enjoyed the same thing, the Omakase or "chef's choice" dinner. A nine course spread of delight! Lorelei isn't accustomed to eating out, so she made the night a bit stressful for me, but all in all it was a real treat! 

On Saturday morning we ended up going back downtown to the market. It was still packed, but my mother-in-law had never been, and my father-in-law last visited in the 70's. They were so comical to watch there, obviously tourists. They found trinkets and souvenirs to bring back to the other grandkids in Idaho. We ate at a fantastic little seafood cafe down on the pier. The weather, while cold at first, was much more tolerable for a day spent outside (I'm one of those Pacific North-westerners who really loves the cold and rainy weather typical to the area). 

We headed back to the apartment during rush hour. Oops! I made a dinner that consisted of from scratch breadsticks, pureed curry carrot soup, a salad of mixed greens with creamy miso dressing, AND a homemade blackberry pie (my first ever pie, made with blackberries picked off the side of the road). 

Sunday morning they left, and today Lorelei is still running around looking for papa. Here are the few pictures David and I managed to get while trying to soak up the experiences, enjoy. :)

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