What's Up Doc?

Lorelei's doctor's appointment: Lorelei behaves like an absolute angel in the lobby while I register her and we wait (despite there being no toys), she drinks half of a water bottle in 15 minutes, she babbles sweetly and points things out to me telling me what they are. The MA or nurse (don't know what she was) says while taking her back to the scale and to measure her, "So this is her 2 year checkup?" To which I say, "No, she's 18 months." She says, "Oh." And continues without fixing it. We get to the exam room where she takes her temperature that reads in Celsius, so I don't know what it is (or that she's spiked a fever) until later. She asks the normal set of questions about living situation and development. Then leaves saying the doctor and a resident will be in shortly.

Enter resident (alone): Asks the same, slightly more detailed questions. Mentions the fever and asks if she's acted sick. No, she's been her normal self. Just cutting some teeth. She normally spikes a low grade fever when cutting teeth. Proceeds to attempt listening to heart and lungs. Lorelei is now getting cranky and tired, and the guy is out of his element with kids so she fights him off and starts crying. Tries looking in her mouth. Negative. Her ears. Nope. Feeling glands. Not happening. Then to check her diaper and the related routine. She fights, twists, and kicks. The diaper is refastened in haste and improperly. I hold her to soothe her. I become drenched in a profuse amount of the hottest urine ever. The resident then goes over her growth chart, expressing concern that she's well below the curve on her height. Asks about her diet and tells me after hearing we're vegetarian that she's anemic. Does a little spiel about safety this time of year outside and near water. Leaves saying the doctor will be in shortly.

The doctor comes in, being the second to ask if Lorelei is 2 and a half. Okay, something is weird here. I say, "No, she's 18 months." Resident and doctor exchange confused glances. I tell them her birthdate and the doctor (in good humor, I credit her) replies that, "That explains a lot." The front desk entered her birthdate a year off (after it appeared twice on the registration form and I double checked both!). So they fix the growth chart (she's 75th percentile in weight and 25th in height, short, chunky, and perfect), and were impressed that she had hit all the 2 year old development milestones. That's my girl! I decide that since she has a fever already, and is now sleeping peacefully on me, to reschedule for shots. The doctor asks if I'd like her to write an rx for an iron supplement stating, "I'm not one you have to worry about saying to change her diet. You don't have to eat meat to get enough iron or protein. I'm a vegetarian. " Sweet relief! Not only is the doctor good humored, she's competent, and doesn't act like she is the authority on all things health related. Probably because she's a mom (mom doctors are my favorite kind). She relates to Lorelei's fun age, having a son not much older. The visit ended on a pleasant note. The clinic should be glad to employ that doctor, or I would not be taking my child back there!

So right now we're home, trying to beat this fever before our WIC appointment later with napping and lot's of mommy's own medicine. Hoping everyone else's day is going smoothly!
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