Out of the Photo Phunk

1. Decorating the kid. 2. Aqua ball jars, meet pretty lights. 3. She loves lights. 4. Sparkling. 5. Lounging while mama makes Thanksgiving dinner. 6. Oh, tenenbaum. 7. Gilman Village, Issaquah, WA. 8. Rain. 9. Issaquah Coffee Company, they has vegan goodies and soy, almond, and rice milk. 
I'll admit that I'm a total Instagram junky, and that I'm guilty of over processing every photo I ever take even with my digital camera. Though I don't have much (ahem, any) photographic skill or talent I tend to gravitate toward pictures that aren't fully saturated and crisp. I like the photos in this space to feel like they are a natural extension of the way the blog looks.

1. Lorelei plunking mama's guitar. 2. Trying on hats at Target. 3. Gypsy dancing in her highchair. 4. Drinking all of mama's ginger beer. 5. Earl Grey, abandoned kitty. :( 6. Playing with ma har. 7. Grocery shopping. 8. Just some toys, all over the place. 9. Trying on mama's "boodies".
As I've been blogging close to a year now, my taste and ability to make an image look how I want have changed. Okay, really I just found a set of photoshop actions that I  love. Soon loves, soon, I will hopefully be sharing kitchsky IG photos (since they most easily and readily capture everyday life) in designated posts and less processed images otherwise. Two reasons: my hubby is taking up photography seriously and will be taking 75 percent or more of the pictures you see here, and two we're moving on up from our Fujifilm S1800 to a Canon (really that's all that needs to be said to designate a huge difference) T3. *GASP* Cyber Monday got the best of us y'all. We do this thing where we spend our tax returns before we get them, it's super consumerist and bad, and we feel guilty every time, but guys it's a freakin Canon! 

1. Savory thyme scented sweet potatoes (favorite dish from T-day). 2. Cafe Latte with soy and pumpkin pie! 3. Wine glazed brussel sprouts. 4.Dau Sot Ca Chua,Vietnamese tofu dish (recipe soon). 5. Eeeeeeee! 6. Ginger Pumpkin Curry Soup, recipe: see previous post. 7. Pumpkin pie, it killed me that I only made one. 8. Field Roast Celebration loaf and baked carrots. 9. Latte.
So enjoy these Instagram pictures if you haven't seen them already and then brace your selves, photographs are coming! 
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