Earl Grey

In our apartment building there is a nice common area with big windows, couches, wifi, and a self serve coffee/tea bar. One day Lorelei wanted some tea so we headed over with our Starbucks mugs to get some earl grey. On the counter was a bag. At first glance I thought it was a gym bag that someone had left and someone else set it out for them to find. 

Then I looked harder. There was a note tucked inside the front pocket reading, "Hi! Read me! -Tiel". As I grabbed the note to read it (whether it was for someone specific or not was lost on me, I'm awfully curious) I realized the bag was a canvas and mesh pet carrier and there was a fluffy, beautiful grey kitty huddled against one side, terrified, in there.

I expected the note to read of regrets of moving or allergies, some reason for this poor cat to be sitting on a counter in a bag for any weirdo to take. The note was jolly, and went on about the cat's personality and needs. As I read the note I cried (that's something I do pretty easily, but this was different), out of sadness and empathy for this cat who had no idea what was going on, and out of anger that people can do that sort of thing (and do all the time). 

I called and texted David until I could get him to meet me there to see (he does maintenance in the building we live in). David's first reaction: "So do you want to take him?". He knew I did, and I don't think it bothered him much, he's kind of a crazy cat lady. 

Anyways, I brought him home and David informed the management. They found out through video footage who left him and that he had been there for an hour and a half.

Yesterday marked one week of Earl (something we always wanted to name a grey, male pet. And yeah, we talk about pet names on occasion) living with us. The first two days he didn't come out from under the crib at all so we fed and gave him water under there. Poor guy was in shock and feeling rather displaced. On the third day I took him into the bathroom and shut the door so that he could use the bathroom without feeling threatened by our toddler or two other pets. He then took up behind the toilet as his hiding spot. Eventually he moved into our walk-in closet. Finally, night before last he came out exploring the whole apartment. And howling. That boy is a talker, and he only wants to talk after everyone else is in bed. And he's loud. We've lost some sleep over it, but we're trying to learn to overlook the little quirk. He is a sweet heart.

The hardest part aside from the lost sleep is that he's not hitting it off with anyone but me and David. Our other cat, Roxy, is very interested and follows him around, but if she gets too close Earl grumbles and hisses. Then our mini schnauzer, Edith, is a very excitable little thing, and loves cats, but she is also pretty authoritative and when someone does something she doesn't like she gets persnickety. It's good when cats try to scratch on the couch and she chases them away, or when Earl is being loud and she herds him back into the closet. But she also wants to keep him from getting any attention or coming onto the bed with us. And then, Lorelei, she absolutely adores animals, all of them, and she's very gentle, but none of them want anything to do with her. Probably because she moves quickly and she's loud.

So yeah, we now have a toddler and 3 pets in our one bedroom apartment and once everyone can get along we'll be happy little clams.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of pets do you have, and what do they do to drive you crazy?
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