Hairapy: Turban Braided Crown Tutorial

I feel like I should start this by saying that I don't do anything with my hair, not even ponytails, most of the time. This is partially because I'm usually okay with it hanging around all boring and doing it's own thing, and partially because I'm no good at doing hair. Well, it's kind of one of my goals this year to learn how to do some cute things with my hair. I recently saw an article on Refinery 29 with four really amazing braided hairstyles, which were way beyond my skill level, that inspired me. I've mentioned here already that I'm growing my bangs out and it's a royal, ugly pain. So this style was inspired by a turbanesque 'do, and out of necessity to get the bangs out of my face.

A Disclaimer: This is a rough tutorial, and *obviously* not very well thought out because who else in their right mind takes pictures for a hair tutorial with no makeup on, in their husband's shirt? Amiright?

So for this 'do you will need: A brush, two small hair elastics,  two elastics or clips to pin back extra hair, two to four bobby pins, probably some gel or hairspray, and a rat tail comb combs in very handy.

Step One: Start at the front and center of your hairline, measure back about 2-3 inches, and draw a part/line from the center of your head to right behind your right ear. Tie/pin back the rest of the hair to keep it out of the way. Repeat on the left side.

Step Two: Take the left out hair from the right side and comb/brush it forward and diagonally across your face. 

Step ThreeBraid it in a fishtail braid (skip the initial ponytail part), about 3/4 of the way down. You want to leave some hair at the bottom unbraided so that it blends easily into the rest of your hair when your done, and fasten with a small elastic. Repeat step two and three with the hair from the left side as well.

Step Four: Gather both braids and tie together at the center of your head (like when you start to tie your shoes). You'll want to manipulate the way the braids face a little so that the more attractive parts of the braids show. This is where you'll want to maybe use some product for rogue hairs. If your hair is all one length and you don't see any poky hairs sticking out you could loosen the braids for a fuller look too.

Step Five: Pin the braids near/behind your ears.

Step Six: Let down the hair you tied back earlier and style it how you like. 

Pretty easy really. If I can do it, so can you!

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