Presently 2.0

Another snap from our visit to my hometown last Friday.

Reading: Yoga:Your Home Practice Companion. I think I've finally got a proper sun salutation down, with the proper breathing, without looking at the book! Big accomplishment, since I get to do yoga about once a week and I've never set foot in an actual class. I also have an unopened issue of Seattle Met that I'd love to read. Soon, soon...

Writing: Drafts for the Blog Everyday in May link up I'm going to try, this post, and brainstorming ideas for a special post.

Listening: Oddly, to Smashing Pumpkins. What can I say I miss my dad, and it's of his musical influence.

Watching: We haven't watched anything in over a week, unless you count random Vimeo and YouTube videos that David clicks over to from reddit.

Thinking: About a creative endeavor that I'm going to start researching and possibly experimenting with. It may or may not be related to my love of marriage between natural/green practices and beauty products. ;) Also thinking about how I use too many commas and parenthesis. I blog a little bit more like I talk than how I write in the non-blog world, so lots of run on sentences and too many details. Whoops!

Smelling: My Herbal Philosophy Feel Beautiful tea. If you don't follow me on IG or Twitter you may not have seen the goodie basket I won at the PNW Blogger meetup this past weekend. I met Lucy, who makes the tea, there and she was awesome! I also got to chat with Moorea Seal, whose blog I'm advertising on the next two months.

Wishing: That Lorelei would take a nap! That's my one wish today because I'd really like to take a shower. She might be growing out of naps now...

Hoping: I'm hoping that the gorgeous springy weather is here to stay now. Luckily for me it will be a couple months before it gets hot enough to bug me, and the gray and rain don't bother me either, but I sure do love the sunshine!

Loving: These little earrings that I got in my swag bag at the meetup. They look super classy with pretty much everything, are not heavy, and the metal doesn't irritate my skin. Winning!

Wanting: To go on a picnic. I've never actually had a picnic, and it sounds lovely and romantic.

Needing: Eye drops! I've spent a lot of time on the computer the past few days and my eyes are driving me bonkers (being dry, and no I don't wear contacts). Maybe I should be wearing my glasses? There's a thought!

Feeling: Inspired. :)

Clicking: Some blogs of ladies that were also at the meetup:Rouge & WhimsyThe Demure MuseLife By LindsayKayti Vs. The WorldDiscovery StreetDelightfully TackyThe Paper Mama, and Harpers Happening, to name a few.

On another note, I've started swapping ads through Passionfruit (which I highly recommend), so if that sparks your interest visit my Sponsor page. :)
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