Shop Without the Drop

1. Sleeveless Blouse 2. Sultana of Soap 3. Shorts 4. Long Sleeve Blouse 5. Cardigan 6. Jeans

Yesterday I had a hankering to go check out H&M because I've been in serious need of a wardrobe makeover since, well before I ever got pregnant with Lorelei. I decided this was the place to go because not only are their prices super duper good for new clothes, but the company is also pretty socially responsible as far as fast fashion goes. Like, did you know that you can recycle bags of clothes at all of their locations? They can be pretty much any type of clothes, ripped, stained, whatever, and then people sort everything to be resold, recycled, or used to create energy. You can read more about that here. We got really incredibly lucky in that Lorelei decided to take a 3 hour nap starting right before we got to the mall, so I got to try things on (gasp!). I needed to find a few staple pieces of clothing that would work well with the little bit I already had, and the pieces above fit the bill and were cohesive. My entire wardrobe consists of the pieces above (though the long sleeve blouse is actually a really gorgeous berry color, and that isn't the exact black cardigan), a white and a gray v-neck t-shirt, a white and a black camisole, a black turtleneck bodycon mini dress, a black chiffon maxi skirt, a pair of low rise worn in Levi's, a button up chambray dress, a navy lace high-low hem dress, a pair of black moccasins, a pair of black booties, a pair of converse, a yoga outfit, a wool coat, and three pairs of tights. That kind of sounds like a lot written out, but if you see it hanging in the closet it isn't and I'm okay with that. Sometime soon I plan on playing dress up all day to figure out how many outfits I can get out of the pieces. The only items I feel I'm missing are a scarf, a cool statement necklace like this one, and a fedora. 

Anyways, during our trip to the mall we realized that Teavana was right next to H&M, and we'd been dying to go in, so with the dragon sleeping we traipsed on in. We got to sample 6 different teas that were delicious to say the least, ogle some gorgeous tea pots and kettles, and escape empty handed even with the sales people on their A-game. We were on the home stretch to get out to the car when I spotted Lush. Savannah at Maiedae did a review video on some of their products a week or two ago that sparked my interest, so I jumped over to their site to find that a lot of their products were vegan. Also, remember that I have a beauty product problem? We ended up inside, our nostrils rejoiced, we were given little hand arm treatments, and we walked out with the Sultana of Soap. I'm already scheming my next visit to get some henna for my hair!

We're not usually mall people, so it was surprising to us that we had such a good trip. We spent under $85 and loved the loot. So we shopped, and we didn't drop, weird. Oh, also this weekend I made cinnamon rolls, and pan pizza. So look for the recipes soon. ;)
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