Between that little angel face not taking naps, me trying to be more engaged in real life, and a lack of anything substantial to write about I've been pretty absent around here. I can't promise that this is going to change, but I will hopefully at least find time to share snippets and say hi. I miss this place!

Lately we've been drinking iced coffee a lot, though it's not hot here yet. We plan on making an iced chemex brew guide video soon, and perhaps a cold brew video as well. That will be a few weeks down the road though because...

We're driving to Idaho on Thursday and will be there until Monday morning. My middle sis and her hubby are over there visiting from San Bernadino right now for her 20th birthday and we haven't seen her since Lorelei's first birthday. We're really excited about it, minus the hot, hot heat they're sure to be having. We also get to see my best friend, whose second baby I haven't ever met, so our littles will get to play together for the first time ever! Oh, and also, snow cones...because in Seattle there are no shaved ice stands. What?!?!?!

So aside from not napping Lorelei is now memorizing lines from movies (yeah that says a lot about how awful I am for letting her "watchy" too much, but seriously I would accomplish nothing otherwise). Her favorite is "Eating green is a special treat." From Bambi. So...my favorite Disney movie, and the most vegan baby line I ever did hear. I die. Also, see that fake toothy "for the camera" smile up there? Those kill me too. I love that silly little bug. :)

How are my lovely readers doing?
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