This Kiss 3/52

I'm running a little, okay, quite a lot, late with my Life With LeiLei picture this week. I wasn't feeling very inspired to grab the camera. Then I went into the bathroom to wash my face and discovered this gem of a photo opp. Neither David or myself knows when her little mouth planted this, the mirror had stayed pretty clean for a while, but there it is. I haven't brought myself to wash it off yet because, seriously, a little squishy kiss in the middle of the mirror is precious. :)

This picture took a lot of experimentation to capture the lips marks in good detail. At first I tried keeping the camera out of the picture, and then I realized (as did my husband at the same time, we REALLY share a brain) that the darkness of the lense would make a good background for the lips to pop on. You'll have to forgive the fuzz on the mirror. I tried to blow it off while snapping, and I tried to edit it out, but it is what it is. I like it regardless. Our little wild one knows how to keep us on our toes, and falling deeper, and harder for her all the time. 

In other news WE'RE NOT MOVING! That's coming late, since we found out last Friday, but David and I got knocked on our butts for several days with some weird/awful headaches. Speaking for myself, and I'm sure David too, we're relieved. Nobody likes the process of moving (at least no one I've ever known)! Both of us started feeling like something was off in the whole transfer process, it just didn't feel good, so we decided to withdraw the request, but learned the next morning it had already been done. There is some melodrama behind that, but not on our part so I won't elaborate. I'm glad that my life doesn't feel like it's in upheaval anymore, and I'm more appreciative of what we have. Lessons learned. 

Thanks to everyone who wished us luck in the process, I believe it went to the right place! 
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