Project Coffee Cabinet

This weekend was pretty awesome as far as our weekends go, with equal parts relaxation and productivity. Our vinyl/audio setup had been out of commission for two months and we desperately needed space for our coffee paraphernalia  Our tiny shelf and counter in the kitchen was just not cutting it, especially since we recently acquired a new Hario ceramic burr hand grinder and aeropress. So, we put the record player to rest until we have more time and money to invest into that hobby and David turned the homemade media stand into a homemade cabinet. The only supplies we had to buy were screws, hinges, and a handle, running us under $10. We are very fortunate in the things that David finds in his field of work when people throw them out. For example, he's brought home: our floral hide-a-bed couch, an UPPA Baby D-Lite stroller, a Kitchen Aid blender, a Dyson vacuum cleaner...and countless other things.  What I'm getting at is that the wood for the cabinet was found...In fact the planks of wood were slats of an IKEA bed base that someone tossed down a recycling chute...

Here's a peak at the process and result. :)

In media stand form.
We had a good laugh at him building things in his nice clothes.
Funky hinges.
The finished, not yet cluttered or stained result.
A handle to match the hinges.
Overall it was pretty quick and easy business. He only had to cut two of the wood planks to make a frame inside the door. Eventually, if and when we decorate with more intention, we will probably paint them a flat light grey and use copper hardware, but for now it's perfectly functional and looks pretty awesome next to our couch. David also screwed together similar found materials to make a play table/coffee table, and we got some unsanded tile grout on clearance to make chalkboard paint for the top of it. So I'll be sharing that later, maybe next week. I have another project on my plate too, for Lorelei's room that involves a cute, fun way to hang some paper lanterns. That should be done on Wednesday, so look for that too. 

On another note, I have a guest post up on my friend Amy's blog Fabulously Ordinary! If you like love stories, or embarrasing stories, you might also like what I wrote over there. If nothing else, just go check out her blog, it's fun, and she's basically pretty awesome, like me... Haha. Happy Monday y'all!

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